Thursday, November 10, 2011

Concession Food

When I go to fairs, exhibits or convention halls for special events, I always try the vendor food.  
Most of the time it’s overpriced and sadly cooked, but it’s part of the “experience.”  
It’s like getting popcorn and a drink at the movie theater after eating a huge meal.  
It’s a gimmee.

Standing in a concession line at the Raleigh Convention Center, waiting for lunch, I told a friend not to get the cheeseburger or chicken tenders.  
She asked why.

I said, “I sat by a woman that had the cheeseburger and she told me it was the worst cheeseburger she’d ever had, and she wasted $8 on it.  Then she said her daughter got the chicken tenders, and they were pretty good.  They were also $8.  I saw the tenders’ basket and she didn’t eat much, so I’m getting the $3 hot dog.”

The man in front of me said, “The lady was right, the cheeseburgers are terrible.  They aren’t’ to die for, they are to die from.”

The three of us bought hotdogs and after hearing our conversation, I’m sure the people behind us did too.

I love having the concession experience but I don’t want to pay for it twice.

What's your favorite festival food?  I have different ones depending on the place, like cotton candy at the fair and hot dogs at a baseball game.  I also keep plenty of Tums with me too.  I'd love to hear all about your favorites.  Email me at

If you have a chance, eat a candy apple for me too.

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