Monday, November 14, 2011

Eating out

I teach a creative writing class at the community college main campus.  It’s about 32 miles from my house, so I need to get my ducks in a row early to get on the road.

When I go to Morehead City, I have my list of things to do and buy, so I am more frugal when I travel.  
Scott appreciates my attempt at being frugal, but really laughs at me behind my back.

I planned to eat at Panera Bread before class, and then scoot to the campus in time to get my key, open the room and set up. 
My goal was to eat in a hurry and stay clean.  
Actually staying clean was the primary goal.

I got my soup and salad, and then sat down diagonal to a family of four.  
There was a teenage son, mother, father and “Gram ma”.

When I eat, I try to position a napkin strategically, because I tend to drop everything down the front of my shirt.  
Yes, I do know how to use a spoon and fork; however, gravity is not my friend.

Apparently, “Gram ma” has my problem too.

She was wearing a light gray sweatshirt, which was her mistake.  
I was wearing a hot pink top and I thought I was safe.

The teenager had been talking about going to the State Fair with his friends and was finishing off everyone’s leftovers.  
He looked at Gram ma and said, “Gee, Gram ma, we just can’t take you anywhere, you’ve spilled your soup.”

I felt so sorry for Gram ma.  
Then I looked down and realized my napkin had slipped.  
There were 3 giant pieces of dressing soaked lettuce on my top, right where everything always lands.

I think I might be related to Gram ma, but not the teen.

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Have a great breakfast, lunch and dinner.

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Have a great one.

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