Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Recent Catalog Favorites

If you check out the latest “all purpose” catalogs, you may be surprised at the contents.

I like the catalogs that offer everything from sciatica-medicated lotions to pet stairs and fake hat hair, to the heart locket with the brass vial for pet ashes. 

Some things are practical like the magnetic curtain rod and medicine cabinet organizers to the ridiculous, such as the vinyl beer holster or the battery operated, snoring, life-like plush animals for those who want a pet but can’t have one.

There are kitchen pans and measuring spoons, chair pads and adult bibs. 
I like to think about the people who invented the items and who would actually use them.  
Most of the time, I just shake my head in amazement.

I am guilty for ordering the sagging couch boards. 
They only lasted for 3 months until the dogs’ weight made them sag again.

Who would order 28-day mascara or a Duct Tape t-shirt for men, or a “Peek-A-Boo” snuggle sack for dogs, or the haircutting umbrella? 

There are recipe books for gluten free cooking and diabetic’s cookie books. 
  At least there’s not one for Mtn. Dew free cooking.

Many of these items are advertised as “Seen on TV”, but that doesn’t mean they are great products.

My favorite catalogue choice has to be the CitiKitty Cat Toilet Training Kit.  
This product touts getting the cat away from the litter box and onto the toilet.  Using the gradual training method, the cat should be potty trained in no time.  
The kit includes a plastic training seat that rests on the toilet bowl, instructions and a bag of catnip.   
The photo shows an unhappy cat.

I think a cat should look ecstatic before I buy one.

My cat Tiger has already trained Motley to drink water out of the toilet, just as the dogs do, so they might be good candidates for the product. 

However, I have two questions: If I buy this product, will they let me use my own toilet, and will they want their own reading material?   
I guess I could leave the catalog.

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