Thursday, December 8, 2011

10 Fantasy Strategies For Giving Male Shoppers Festive Christmas Shopping

1. 2 mugs of spiked Eggnog are consumed before leaving home.

2. Holiday greetings, genuine smiles and discount coupons will be given out every 15 minutes by store employees.

3. Each store will implement a complimentary coat check and shopping bag holding area, with free gift-wrapping and eggnog.

4. Comfortable chairs line the store, especially in the women’s clothing areas.

5. TVs show sports channels in every department.

6. A special scrolling ribbon at the bottom of the TV announces messages from spouses or girlfriends.  
These can’t be ignored because other men see it too.

7. Stores will provide cell phone holiday ring tones to identify their companion shopper.

8. There will be a sports bar or Starbucks at the front of the store, serving complementary  Eggnog.

9. Shopping Time Outs occur every hour for more Eggnog.
10. A designated driver allows you to collapse in the car and sleep on the way home.

 Have a wonderful time shopping.  I'd love to hear about your shopping adventures.  Email me at

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