Monday, December 16, 2013

12 Bad Christmas Gift Ideas

Sometimes it’s fun to receive gag gifts, if they are intended to be so.  We’ve all experienced the family member that 
re-gifts or becomes confused with the intended recipient, but sometimes, the gift is just in bad form. 

I submit the following list of “how not to give” Christmas gifts for future reference.

1.      Never give a car water pump to your wife.

2.      Never give diamond earrings smaller than what her parents gave her before you were married.

3.      When the husband must return a gift, buy another gift in its place- don’t come back empty-handed.

4.       If giving a watch for a gift, make sure the face has numbers on it.

5.      Men should never guess if a new perfume would smell nice on the wife by wearing it.

6.      Do not give a used gift card to someone. The person will know if there is only $3.02 on it.

7.      Garage sale items are never appreciated.

8.      Never pass on a “World’s Best Teacher” ornament to a 

9.      Never pass on an ornament with your child’s elementary school photo on it and the child is now over 30 years of age.

10.  Never give a coupon food calendar that is two years old.

11.  Never give a box of candy that expired last year.

12.  If you must give beef sticks for Christmas, please include Tums and Gas-X.

We've all experienced bad gifts and I'd love to hear all about them. Email me at

Have a great day. 

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