Friday, December 2, 2011

TSS strikes again

That would be Toxic Sox Syndrome.

Have you noticed that some people refuse to take off their shoes?  
Guess why.
It seems to be worse in the winter with leather boots or thick shoes that don’t allow air to circulate.   

I don’t have to wait for cold weather when it comes to my son’s shoes.  
His tennis shoes and even his sandals reek, all year long.

They smell so bad that the cats walk 3 feet away around them, or in the opposite direction.

The dogs bring pillows to them and bury the shoes.

I don’t understand why just his shoes and not any other part of his body creates such a reaction.
These shoes are worn with bare feet.  
Imagine what it would be like after wearing sox all day in hiking boots.  
T.S.S., Toxic Sox Syndrome cannot be prevented.

I think he should just rub garlic and onion juice on the bottom of his feet and the smell might be better, no vampires or werewolves anywhere.

I’ve bought some Japanese pads that stick to the bottom of the foot.  
They contain minerals, which draw out impurities from the body through the foot. 
Ideally, you wear these while sleeping and the pad turns dark brown when the impurities are removed.
I thought it would be a holistic way to detoxifying my body.  
They may have a different use for Will.  
Imagine how many times Will would need to change the pads during the night, every night.

I’ve considered spraying Febreeze. 
If it works on the dogs, maybe it’ll take care of the smelly shoes.  

Maybe Febreeze should make foot pads too.

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