Thursday, January 12, 2012

Healthy Humor meets Mt. St. Helen’s

Last night I had the pleasure of presenting "Healthy Humor" to the W. Carteret Library Friends.  It was a shorter version of my usual speech and there were some smiles and laughter, so all in all, it was successful.

If you read yesterday's blog entry, you would remember that the world's largest Zit appeared on my face.  It was in such a prominent spot, that emergency surgery was almost called for.  Short of doing that I resorted to an old remedy that I've been using for years: toothpaste.

Today, I went on Facebook and had an interesting discussion with my niece, Heather that needs repeating...

"Well the toothpaste worked and Mt. St. Helen's erupted before my presentation last night, 2 hours before. 
Scott got home and said "What's on your face?"

I said "Toothpaste, I have a zit."

"Are you going tonight like that?"

"No, I'm going to clean it off."

"Sadly, nothing could cover the protrusion and it looked like a horn growing below my lip. So help me, it was the largest "thing", other than my nose to ever appear on my face. I knew everyone was laughing at IT and not with me last night.  Scott took photos but thankfully from the back of the room."

Heather-  LMAO! Sorry you think you looked so bad. I bet no one even noticed! Did you have fun? (That is all that matters, right?) :)

Helen- What's LMAO?

Heather- ‎...laugh my a** off! Hahaha

Helen - Ok. It should be LMZO.... the z is for zit.  Frankly, you couldn't miss it and the few friends I spoke with were mesmerized with my chin area. I even had to break down and tell one friend the story.
Perhaps it should go in my e-book on "How to give a presentation"
I'm actually writing one, finished the outline and working on the chapters.

Heather- Telling all your secrets, I see...

Helen - Most of them. Now, I need to find an industrial strength concealer, use them as a sponsor and make a fortune.

Heather- LOL!

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And, if your group or organization would like to hear the longer version of "Healthy Humor", just contact me...

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  1. There are a lot of uses for the toothpaste. It's how you utilize it.