Monday, January 16, 2012

The Wal-Mart View on Life

My friend Wendi Meredith says she has the “Wal-Mart View on life.”
I tried to imagine what that could mean. 

I thought about what Wal-Mart is:
*A humongous place that entices you to spend more money than you originally intended.  
*It’s a place where you must wear your comfy walking shoes for your feet to survive, you must have a shopping list to stay on task, have at least 2.3 children in the cart, and at least 3 hours to find what you need.  
*It is never a place to just “run in and grab a few things.”  
*And it really helps to speak at least 3 different languages.

I thought about where Wal-Mart is located:
*It’s located behind a parking lot big enough to put 20 houses, their garages, boats, horses and a fishing pond.  
*And for me, it’s never “down the street.”

Then I thought about what they sell:
*Almost everything: from camouflaged underwear to hot wings (and you’ll wish you had on the camouflaged undies when you eat the hot wings).  
*Usually you can find what you’re looking for, but if they don’t have it, you will have looked in 2000 acres of stuff you wish you could have, but don’t have the shelving space for it.  
*They advertise lower prices and matching other advertisements, so the things I could have done without, must be purchased.  Therefore, my wallet is always lighter at checkout.

Lastly, I thought about who goes there:
*Actually, I don’t know of a person that’s never been in a Wal-Mart.

I thought I have no clue what the “Wal-Mart View on Life” could be.

So, I asked Wendi, “What is it?”

She said, “I view many people, places & things as I do Wal-Mart ~ not expecting more than it offers.”

After thinking on it awhile, I think Wendi Meredith is a wise woman.

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Have a great day, go to Wal-Mart and find something.


  1. I actually met someone who had never been to Walmart and was allowed to be the person who took her there for the first time. She wasn't impressed. Can't imagine why!

  2. She must also have that Wal-Mart view on life too...