Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Why me?

Do you ever have one of those decades when nothing seems to go right?

For a long time, things weren’t going my way. 
It was as if a dark cloud hung over my head. 

Just call me Mrs. Murphy… and I have my own laws.
I don’t like it, I just accept it.

I thought, I need to do something to make me feel better.  I really need to feel pampered.

“I’ll get my haircut.”
 I’m sure you’re saying, “Uh oh.”

In the local strip mall, there is a $3.99 all services hair-cuttery. 
I should have paid attention to the huge red flags flying, with the words “Run Away” embroidered in Neon letters.

I went in to get a shampoo, and talk to a seasoned hairdresser about how to make me look beautiful; wouldn’t it be nice to have fuller hair?
I believe her name was Kay Nine.
Her suggestion was a body perm.  
"Well, okay," I said.

She took the largest rollers the salon had and wired me to them.  
There must have been 100 of them on my head, but since I didn’t have my glasses on, I was ignorant to the process.

“Please don’t use a solution that is really strong, my hair takes it in and it never goes away,” I said.
Kay said, “No problem.”

Two hours later, corkscrew ringlets danced over my head, and Mrs. Murphy came out looking like a poodle.

Why should I be surprised? 
I think her license, was from All Pets Grooming and Day Salon, and I went home craving pup-eroni… for one year.

Have you pampered yourself lately?   I'd love to hear from you.  Email me at aitken.helen@gmail.com

Have a wonderful day.

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