Thursday, March 29, 2012

Duct Tape is My Friend

Duct tape is incredible.  
I wish I invented  it.  
Think of all the money I could have made.

Imagine all the things it has repaired, or kept together; Duct Tape is the all-purpose fixer-upper.

I've used it for wrapping packages, securing Rubbermaid totes for the attic packed full of winter clothing not destined for moth attacks.  

I’ve seen it used instead of nails for shelving, and for creating a mailbox from flexible dryer tubing.
In extreme shows, Duct Tape built a makeshift tent, bandaged a compound fracture, and created a cot to carry the injured.  
In fact, the items came apart before the Duct Tape.  

So, why don’t we just make things out of Duct Tape, like chairs and cars?

I put DT on a pedestal along with toothpaste, Gorilla Glue and Velcro.

Like a good Girl Scout, I carried a small roll of DT in my suitcase, for my Spain trip.

My black suitcase is from a set of 3 that I bought for $79.00 in 1999.  
I believe it has traveled to and from Japan back to the U.S. at least five times.  
It’s been to Hong Kong, the U.K. twice, Italy once and now Spain.  
I’ve definitely gotten my money’s worth with it.  

The zipper pulls have been replaced with nylon cord. The emblem on the front was ripped off, and the fabric tore along the edges.  
Even with all the deformities, it is lightweight, functional and still rolls along. 

Sadly, it met destruction on the Spanish turnstiles. 
I could see my underwear from the outside.

Duct Tape came to the rescue.  
Will pulled off a long strip, cut it with his teeth, because TSA won’t allow scissors, and I glued it to the battered surface.  
It worked like a charm and held together until I got home from Spain.  
Now, I don’t leave home without it.

Two weeks later, I managed to use this suitcase on a trip to a basket weaving convention (don’t laugh).  
I realized I couldn’t weave the edges shut, so out came the Duct Tape.

It’s one thing to use one or two pieces of Duct Tape, but when the suitcase becomes solid silver, perhaps it’s time it should be permanently retired.  

That is, unless I start a new trend.  

May all your days be Duct Tape free.  I'd love to hear your DT stories; email me at

Have a great day.


  1. when we went on our first cruise with the children, I used bright orange duct tape and wrapped it around our suitcases for quick identification. I also wrapped some on the porta-crib, the stroller, the diaper bag, and I slapped some on both children. If it had orange duct tape it it, it belonged to us! In the old days before duct tape, it was bailing wire. Half my granddaddy's farm equipment and his car was held together with bailing wire. Enjoyed the read. Jody, The Medicare Mom

  2. One of my favorite "Things You'll Never Hear a Southerner Say": Nope, duct tape won't fix that. :)


  3. What a story! DT is the all around fix-it item that no home should be without. Give the suitcase a retirement party and head for the Totes store.

  4. It also works as a dog-hair-removal tool and for picking up tiny things like seed beads or niddles from a carpet..
    Viva Duct Tape!

  5. In college I took an OSHA course. Our professor preached the value of duct tape. She said no inspector worth his/her salt would leave home without it.