Sunday, April 29, 2012

Writer Affirmation, It’s a Good Thing.

   My husband, Scott and I were at the Carteret Café having lunch.   I noticed two couples in the waiting area.  The younger woman was holding a copy of my humor book, It Only Happens To Me… Can You Dial 9-1-1? and she was reading some excerpts aloud to the other three.  

   As she read, I could see her smile, laugh a little, and when she was finished, she laughed long and hard.  The other three were nodding their heads and they too laughed with her.  To her right, an older couple had been listening and they began to laugh.

   I signaled to Scott during this young woman’s performance and said, “See that girl, she’s reading my book aloud.”  I was beaming.  By the time she was finished, I choked up.  I had never seen this before.

   “I think I’ll say to her, “I’m glad you enjoyed my book.”

   “Don’t you dare say anything.”

   “Why not?”

   “Just don’t say a word.” 

   I think he would have been embarrassed, so I chose not to talk to her or the other people.  

   “I only have a few books left, so I guess the next time the book is published, I’ll make my photo larger and then I won’t have to say anything.”

   I might not be on the Best Seller List, yet, but I’ve done my job in providing good, clean humor to the few who have read my book.  I’m encouraged to do more with it, market it better and get it into eBook form. 

   Oh, and if you want a copy of the book, the Carteret Café, in Cape Carteret, N.C. has some for sell- the book goes great with their chicken salad sandwiches.

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Have a wonderful day.


  1. Hooray for you! You've got it goin' on. Have a giant poster of book and your face made and hang it in the restaurant with it saying something like, "laugh at Cataret along with local author, Helen Aitken."

  2. Oh, I wish you had introduced yourself! I think they would have been thrilled.