Wednesday, May 30, 2012

For the birds?

Some people love birds, and will do anything to bring them to their backyard to watch.

Sometimes people bring birds to their yards so that their cats and dogs have play toys…

I won’t tell you what kind of bird person I am.  
However, you might need to know that I was a science educator for many years, and I have 2 dogs and 3 cats that love birds…

If you want to attract birds, I recommend putting in bird feeders and birdbaths.

There are people who don’t like birds.  
They find their songs irritating, their guano a nuisance and they detest them nesting on their front porches.

To keep birds out of the yard, these people put up owl statuary with heads that bob or rotate with the wind, because birds are afraid of owls.

Then there are some people that can’t make up their minds.  Love them or hate them?

I believe that this birdbath sends mixed messages.  

What do you think?

I'd love to see your birdbaths. Email them to me at and I'll put them on my blog with commentary.

Have a wonderful day.  


  1. Interesting bird bath??? I must admit I don't have a bird feeder or bath. I'm of the opinion that the birds can take care of themselves better than I can.

  2. That birdbath certainly does send mixed messages. Poor birds. I love them and fill feeders daily, while the poodle hates them and chases them away from the feeders. So I guess we send mixed messages too.

  3. A bird bath for owls?

    Love birds - Recently spotted an all bright yellow bird(from the underneath anyway) bigger than a sparrow, smaller than a robin along the upper Patomac river bordering West Virginia and Maryland. Any ideas? I have never seen a bird like this in the north east USA.

    Cranky Old Man