Tuesday, May 1, 2012

What If Alan Zweibel Was Listening?

Thursday, April 19, 2012
I got off the plane in Dayton, Ohio and waited for some of the other Erma Bombeck Writers’ Workshop participants to arrive and share a ride. 

Vickey Cheney of Florida could be identified 100 feet away.  She was wearing a sign around her neck: “Erma Bombeck” and a sparkling tiara.  I immediately put on my colorful jester’s crown and she became my new friend.   

Within fifteen minutes, Ann Guaglione, appeared and asked if she could share a ride.  We decided to get a taxi and met another participant, Judith Podell at the curb going to our hotel.   Sharing the cost 4 ways was better, and now I knew 3 other people.

Ann, Vickey and I went to the hotel restaurant, had lunch and sat there well over an hour chatting.  We shared tips, our uneasiness for doing the stand-up routine and our writing.  Stories went around and we laughed.

As we stood up to go, Ann recognized Alan Zweibel sitting across from our table and she immediately went over, reached over his salad and shook his hand; I watched. 

Alan Zweibel is known for being an original SNL writer, comedy writer, sitcom writer, speaker, author, playwright, screenwriter, and who knows what else.  Ann related that she used to work for NBC and asked him about his time there. 

I suddenly became shy and began to walk away.  I looked back and Vickey had migrated toward him while Ann came toward me.  I started walking faster, thinking that he had overheard all our conversations. 
Oh boy, (use an accent)!  

I’m sure he is a perfectly nice man and that I would enjoy meeting him, but I couldn’t look him in the eye, extremely embarassed.  Instead, I sent him the following Face book message.

Face book message to Alan Zweibel:

Thanks for coming to the EBWW.  If I had known that you were sitting right behind me at lunch, with two friends, last Thursday, I would have kept my big southern mouth shut... 
I like listening to conversations for my writing and I'm just praying I (we) didn't say anything that will turn into a Broadway production.  However, if it does, I want front row tickets.  Thanks again for coming, you’re a hoot.

May your days be filled with wonderful people and great conversation.  Email me at aitken.helen@gmail.com.

Have a wonderful day.

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  1. Great story, Helen. I'm bashful too, sometimes.