Saturday, November 3, 2012

10 Political Truths My Cats Demonstrate

1. If the water bowl isn’t full, cats will drink from the toilet. 
 Translation: If we don’t like what the politicians say and do, then we will find someone else to support.

    2. I have to feed the cats breakfast at 5am.  Otherwise, they will knock things off the bedside table, and walk on my face, until I respond.  
 Translation: If our elected officials desecrate the sacred trust given to them, there will be retribution.

    3. I must take care of the needs of my cats; there are 3 of them and 1 of me. 
 Translation: Politicians represent all their constituents, so pay attention.

    4. I am rewarded with licks and purrs only when they are happy.  
 Translation: People want to live a good life, earn a paycheck and be happy; politicians are entrusted to get us there.

    5. When the cats aren't happy, the claws come out.  
 Translation: Renege on political promises, and watch out!

    6. If I listen to the different kinds of cat meows, they tell me all kinds of information.  
 Translation: Politicians should listen more, speak less and act on all the people’s behalf.

    7. No matter what they do, they are still my cats.  
 Translation: Americans come in different races, color, creeds and religion, and yet we all are Americans.

    8. Cats love their home and will scare away other cats if need be.  
 Translation: Americans love America and will pull together when it’s needed.

    9. Cats protect the porch from encroaching lizards, bugs and butterflies.  
 Translation: America is worth protecting and her citizens will rise to the occasion.

    10. Cats do not like a dirty litter box. 
 Translation: NO one likes a dirty politician, unfair policies or lies.

   Cats are smart.  People can learn a lot from them...  I'd love to hear from you, email me at

   Have a great day.

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