Thursday, January 10, 2013

Christmas Gift Letter to my Brother and Sister-in-law

Dear T and Steve,

I wish I could have tasted the brownies you gave me.   Everyone tells me that David's brownies are wonderful.    

Instead, Kaiser opened the box, ripped open the cellophane, tore apart the aluminum pan and ate them all!  

As a result, his liver enzymes skyrocketed, he ran around the back yard for 5 1/2 hours chasing imaginary squirrels, developed fatigued legs like a marathon runner, and then a lump resembling the exact size of the brownie pan emerged over his rib cage.  

No, the dog didn't die, but that pan of brownies cost me $319 and a follow up Vet visit.   

Just thought I'd say thank you again for the brownies.


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