Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Cry For Chicken Wings

I’ve heard that there is a great shortage in chicken wings these days.  
I haven’t seen a shortage of breasts and thighs, so what’s so special about the wings and drumettes that warrant a shortage?  I always thought of these as 2nd class chicken parts.

There are 2 wings and 2 drumettes per chicken and someone had to find a way to use all the parts, right?  The beaks and feet are already spoken for our soups and Chinese cuisine, so the logical choice is to make them the poor man’s snack attack pack.
Why else would Domino’s Pizza sell them?

Wings are perfect for little fingers and big mouths.  It’s a “finger lickin’ food just perfect for snack time, or anytime”.  Sounds like a jingle I heard when I was young.

With the supply and demand mentality, the shortage of wings, means the price just jumped to about $2.00 a pound, making them more expensive than chicken breasts or even a small ribeye steak. 

Recently, there was a massive heist of 65,000 pounds of wings, but the thieves were thwarted.  Hallelujah.   I suppose they were banking on selling them to the local pubs stocking up for the Super Bowl. 
 Hey mister, do I have a deal for you.

I wonder what the police did with 65,000 pounds of chicken wings?  They can’t sit in a cardboard box with other evidence.  Did they rent a freezer or did the evidence go missing?  
By the time the case is called, will the wings have to make an appearance in court, and can the owner actually sell 3-year-old chicken when he gets them back?

With our new food shortage, I can imagine that there will be a new surge to produce the next snack food suitable for children and adults, something like fried frog legs…or not. 

I'd love to hear about your favorite snacks and if you had wings for the Super Bowl.   Email me at

It's a great day for a wing or two.

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