Thursday, May 23, 2013

His Hobby, My Hobby

I have always encouraged Scott to find a hobby, any hobby, within reason that is.  Most men like tools and build things, even hang up a picture or two.  Some men like to do yard work, or keep the gutters clean.  Some men love to grill out and are eager to cook a meal or two during the week or at least the weekend.

I have to say that Scott isn't one for manual labor.  Yes, he does what he has to do, but for the most part he hibernates in the man cave.  He comes home, takes an hour nap, goes to the cave until dinner's out, then may watch a little TV with me, and then back to the man cave until bed time.

Sometimes I enter the cave and wonder if bats will attack me.  So I generally don't go there.

Getting back to the hobby thing.  When Scott wants to do a project he needs to buy a new tool.  Usually the project and tool is forgotten but he's happy.  Finally he decided his hobby would be boating.  For 10 years he subscribed to 2 boating magazines and even had them shipped to Okinawa, Japan so he could study them.  

For 10 years he talked about boats, dreamed about boats and wanted to own a boat.  It wasn't until last year that he found the "right" boat to buy.  Little did I know that his hobby would become my hobby.  After all, a skipper needs to have a first mate.  

We have taken several boating classes together and when he goes out, I go with him.  In theory, we both can handle a boat.  In actuality,  it's debatable.
I can count on two fingers how many times I've gotten to drive the boat...

Our instructor, Richard LaPalme, is confident that we will be full fledged boaters.  And, he even persuaded us to join the Fort Macon Power Squadron.  Have to admit that it's a great group with people who like to help novice boaters.  THANK GOD!

Because of Scott's hobby, I've been writing articles for a boating magazine called All At Sea Southeast.  It's remarkable how little I know and still seem to get things published.  Shhh, don't tell the editor.   
Recently I did an interview with Mr. Linwood Parker, III, the owner of Parker boats.  It was a great interview and I got to view the facility where the boats are made.  Before I left, Mr. Parker gave me 2 Parker ball caps.  (I haven't decided whether to give one to Scott...)

Before going out in the boat Saturday, I grabbed my Parker hat and asked Scott, "Is it sacrilege to wear a Parker hat in a Bayliner boat?"  He said, "No, go ahead."  
Under my breath, I said, "Maybe it'll help."

Apparently, the hat performed miracles.  I didn't get thrown overboard.  I didn't get my hand chopped off at the dock, I got to watch as someone else guided Scott in maneuvering the boat while I sat in the stern (the back of the boat) and took pictures, I didn't get yelled at, I still didn't get to drive the boat, but we had a great time with some of the Power Squadron members.

When you cook you should wear an apron, when you drive you should wear a seatbelt and when I am hobbying with Scott, I should always wear a Parker hat.

I hope you have a great hobby.  I'd love to hear about it.  Email me at

Happy Boating.

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  1. Cool hobby. Lucky you. Perhaps you can tell Scott that you need the practice so you can tow him while he water skis.
    Only three rules:
    Always wear your PFD,
    Keep that donut on a rope handy, and
    you can get a DUI while boating.