Thursday, September 26, 2013

Best Travel Survival Kit

When I taught Middle Grades Science classes in N.C., I always started the year with a unit on Hurricane Awareness.  Logical, right?   The goal was to prepare the kids and their families with a “Disaster Diet Kit” that could take them into a prepared state.  

The first things we talked about were the obvious: toilet paper and a place to do “it” in, medicines, pet stuff, flashlight and all the other things to keep safe.  The biggest discussion was on food and water.  I always said that peanut butter saves lives.

Peanut butter has saved me many times.

Whenever I travel to Europe and beyond, I carry a big jar of peanut butter, plastic knife and lots of zip bags.  The goal is to eat breakfast, then carry off their packets of jam, and rolls or bread.  Then, go back to the room and make lunch.  Along the way, we’d pick up some fruit, chips, soda and water.  
Voila.  A cheap lunch and we could use that money we didn’t spend for stuff we wanted to do.

Recently, I’ve added a couple of other things to the picnic basket, Frank’s Hot sauce and some all-purpose, salt-free spices.  
Why, because when you travel in the U.K., your taste buds are not satisfied. 
Yes, they have salt, and that’s about it. 
Want some flavor?  You need spices.

I believe they also need some Food Network cooking shows.

This trip to Scotland has me smuggling peanut butter and jam sandwiches, hot sauce and spices into the eateries.  
I even tried the spices in the hotel restaurant, where our tour met for dinner.  The spices did the trick and only one gentleman saw that my food had something his food did not.  
I ate everything, while others left lots.

I decided that the spice bottle was a little conspicuous, so I found a plastic pill pouch and filled it, then added it to my purse toiletry bag.  I’m prepared for the next meal.

However, the hot sauce bottle is a little different.  What if my bag fell over or I ran into a wall.  
The bottle might not survive and I would end up smelling like hot sauce.  
So, I haven’t figured out how that will work, but I’m sure that once I bring it out, the entire tour group will be vying for it.  

Pounds sterling, please. 

May all your days be spicy.  Email me at

Have a great day.

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  1. Oh, Helen, that brings back memories of my trip to England before the food revolution. I just could not eat their food. Then I learned that there was a Costco in the general vicinity. But when I went, I discovered that Campbell's soup, Chicago Hotdogs, you name it, were packaged in the U.K. I couldn't even eat at Costco!