Saturday, September 21, 2013

The Scotland Threes

Mother always told me about things coming in threes.  
I add, “It Only Happens To Me”, in threes.

My Scotland trip called for preparation: clothes, plane trip and lots of money.

1. I ordered the wrong money and would have had to lose $50 to trade it back to US currency.   
So, I had to go back and order Pounds Sterling. 

(The upside to that is I have $300 in Euros for the next trip.)

2. I bought some nice Jones of New York navy long pants that seemed to have too much starch in them.  
I washed them before packing them, and now they are capris. 

(The upside is that I have new pair of capris for next year.)

3. I thought Scott and I would leave for Scotland on Thursday, and instead we left on Wednesday.  
Originally, I thought I was a day ahead of the packing and then found out I was a day behind. 

(The upside is that we got some extra sleep before meeting the group and got to go to Rosslyn Chapel today; think Da Vinci Code.)  
I'm so thankful I looked at the tickets on Monday, instead of Wednesday night!

Since I experienced the "threes", the trip should go smoothly... unless I start experiencing threes again.

May your days of "threes" be three things that are little enough to take care of easily.  Email me at

Have a great day.

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  1. Oh, I can so relate. Once missed an entire day in Hawaii because I thought I was leaving Texas on Thurs instead of Friday and booked my hotel for Thursday-Wed. Glad I checked my plane ticket before making the 3 hour drive to the airport. Hope you had fun in Scotland. I loved it.