Monday, October 21, 2013

Thoughts on Being Old and Young

I’ve always felt young.  
Discount the bad knees from playing sports in high school and college, the bulging disks, spurs and my Rheumatoid Arthritis.  
Despite it all, I feel great and have the mental stamina of a 30 year old.  
The body seems old but I feel young.

Although I have gray hair, which periodically colored, and computer glasses for extended wear, I guess you could say, I’m not as young as I believe I am.

Perhaps my perception of age is aging. 

This morning I’m sitting the lunch room of the Boone Senior citizen Center. 
I’m tagging along with my friend, Pat for a couple of hours so that she can finish weaving a shawl.  
I brought along my computer to catch up on a bit of writing.

Pat is a basket weaving buddy, and we've know each other for 9 years.  She has been living in Boone for almost 3 years and she’s quite a vibrant person.  Since she’s been living here, going to the senior citizen center, she’s stopped dying her hair.   Her short-cropped hair is now salt and pepper with black hair around her face.  I couldn’t believe she chose to let it go natural.

I’ve been in senior centers before and around older folks.  
Somehow, I feel like the odd man out… or odd woman out.

I’m facing the windows and a small parking lot, feeling eyes staring at my computer screen and ultimately me. 
“Who is she?  What is she working on?  What’s she doing here?”

Feeling the piercing stares, I turn around slightly and see an elderly woman watching me type on the computer.  
Now I feel out of place. I guess I’d have the same feelings if some stranger honed in my territory.

I wonder if they feel “young”. 

I wonder if I didn't dye my hair, would I fit in here?

"B-13.  O-64."

Wow, it's Bingo.

I love Bingo.
Wonder if they would let me play.
The prizes look pretty good...

May all your days be filled with things that make you feel young.  I'd love to hear from you, email me at

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