Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Best advice for Computer Screen Cleaning

My "office" is actually the dining room table.  It houses my computer, my working folders, research, notes and a bottle of Coke.  
I gave up Mtn. Dew, two years ago in February, but I still need something to jump start my day.

The rest of the dining room feels like an office in a dining room. Piles of magazines with my articles, pens, reporter's notebooks and sticky notes stuck to everything.   
In fact I believe these sticky notes have created a new king of wallpaper. 
I doubt they will ever come down.
Perhaps I should patent this.  

I'm sure you're wondering where we eat dinner.  Well, that depends on how busy I am with work.  If I'm on hiatus, then I clear away enough placemat areas and we eat by my computer.  
It's not romantic but it does the job.  
Otherwise, any chair or couch spot that isn't commandeered by the dogs, becomes a spot for dinner on a tray, before the dogs come back.

My "office" can become cluttered and even filthy.  Periodically, I clear off the bills, old newspapers, find the missing half of my sandwich from a week ago, and begin writing again.  
I use a can of air over the keyboard to get rid of the sandwich crumbs and try to clean off the fingerprints from my screen, sometimes.  
I suppose I should take better care of the workhorse of my writing and even get it professionally cleaned.
Maybe I'll do that when I get the time.

Until then, let me share the best way I've found to clean the computer screen in my house.  

May all your days be filled with clean computer screens and a pristine working environment.  And whoever you are that shared the computer screen cleaning tutorial, thank you.   I'd love to hear from you; email me at aitken.helen@gmail.com

Have a great day.

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  1. It was me :) You are too funny! The thought of finding a half eaten sandwich is the best thought I have had all day! Keep writing and making me smile :)