Tuesday, December 3, 2013

How To Wrap A Cat

I love getting emails and those cute posters from Facebook.  Recently I received a video on “How To Wrap A Cat.”
The title perplexed me.  
I asked myself, why would you wrap a cat?  
How would you wrap a cat?  
What would you use to wrap a cat? 
And most importantly, How many people are needed to wrap a cat? 

I have three cats: Tiger, a male tabby, Motley and Miss Kitty, both female Torti-whites.  They are indoor/outdoor cats, with ALL their claws. 

My bedroom leather chair and ottoman used to be their favorite scratching post.   
You can imagine what it looks like, but I’m not ready to get another one they can attack.  
I figure that when Will gets his own apartment, he can have both of them.  
Guys don’t notice things like stuffing coming out...

Here’s a picture of Tiger.

This is Miss Kitty.
Here’s Motley.
They look angelic, don’t they?
They’re not!

I can’t imagine any of my cats allowing to be wrapped.
They don’t like to take orders, in fact the only time I get them to come is when food is brought out.

They don’t like being still; they’d rather pounce on things and wage war on each other.
And, paper would be a toy to shred, along with my hands.

Would I want to wrap my cats?  No.  I’ll leave that to a Cat Wrapping Whisperer.

However, someone has apparently taught his cat to obey, and be wrapped.  

Check out this holiday video and be amazed.       

May all your days be filled with things that are wrapped, so that you may unwrap them.

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