Friday, January 3, 2014

A Chicken Sweater

Shelburne Farms posted a photo of a Chicken with a sweater on Facebook, from a friend online and I had to pass it on.

Shelburne Farms is a 1,400 acre working farm, education center and National Historic Landmark in Shelburne, Vermont.  
They said it was...“Just a fun photo from some knitting enthusiast!”

This would be...“For that hard-to-buy-for chicken in your life.” 

On Facebook, 1200+ people "like" the photo, 1600 people shared it, and almost 400 people made comments, some in other languages. 

Here are some of the best ones.

"Tres chic, or rather tres chick!"

"Pre-heating dinner?"

"Never get done that way, ya need a little fire!'

"Is that a chicken in a knit sweater?"

"I never know what to get my chickens for Christmas!!!"

'And I thought I went overboard with my chicken wearing diapers."

"If it's that cold, they need slippers, too!'

"I just spit out my milk...."

'Is it loosely fitting, or is it choking your chicken?"

'That's not a poncho, that's a pullet-over!"


"And maybe a matching hat, with a few naturally dropped feathers at the top.'


"I think I've seen two other versions of this pattern: Fowl Neck and Rhode Island Red Riding Hood ;-)"

"Will it have cold butt?'

"Why is dinner wearing a sweater?"

"A chicken poncho. I see this hitting the runways at the Paris Haute Couture shows this spring 2012. What chicken would not want to hit the town for the opera or a fine sup in such fine sartorial splendor?"

'I normally wrap my chicken in foil and put it into the oven to warm up if it's cold."

"I have a pressure cooker with that chicken's name on it, and believe me it will be nice and warm.'

"My friend says, "Here is a chicken with a capon'."

"One of my girls is still molting -- this would be perfect for her! Love it!"

"What they really need is a something to keep the frostbite off their combs, maybe a little Velcro hat?"

"Can you do this in a crocheted pattern?"

"I can't see what boots she has on."

"The new KFC chicken wrap?"

"It’s a chicken cozy!"

"I thought my dogs were spoiled...."

"You will not believe, I am wearing a sweater I made right now with yarn that looks like the chicken’s."

"Nothing says Happy Holidays like a pre- warmed Chicken."

"Warm thighs and wings - Yummmm !"

"Recon it will fit a blue and gold parrot."

"Free ranged?"

And then there was a comment that referenced penguins...

Don't you just love a chicken sweater?   Feathers off to Shelburne Farms.  
I'd love to hear your comments.  Email me at

Have a great day.  

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