Wednesday, January 29, 2014


Today, I can’t concentrate on writing and the excuses take center stage.

I get up and straighten the kitchen.  Well, not scour or clean, just move the trash and recyclables around, then hang up my coats and purses that have piled up on the kitchen counter.

Then, I have to have snacks.

Back to the computer to do some research.  

Ten minutes later, it’s time for a bathroom break.

I pass by the kitchen and need something else to eat.

At my computer, I hear sleet falling.  Now I’m cold and need a blanket.

Lunch time.

I eat my lunch by the computer and realize it’s getting dark, so I turn on all the lights.
“Hey Scott, bring down the ‘Happy Light’ so I won’t be in the dark.”
“Don’t look at it long; you don’t want to be overly happy.”

Apparently you have to look at the light…Can’t say it’s helped me work.

I suppose I need to put dinner in the crock pot, maybe a pork loin and some potatoes.  

Back to the computer.

I think the dogs’ blanket needs washing. 

Back to the computer.

Time to put the blanket in the dryer.

Two hours later, I haven’t accomplished a thing.

Scott looked at the pork loin in the crock-pot.  "It looks like you're cooking some kind of leg." 
"It's pork loin."    
"Does it come from a pork leg?" 
From his expression, he wondered if he liked pork leg.             
From my expression, he understood,  there's always chips and salsa.

I give up.  

May all your days be "Happy Light" perfect.  If you have any tips for keeping me on task, please write your comment below, or email me at  

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