Monday, January 6, 2014

First Things First

It seems that by the time I clean the house, pack up the ordinary items on display, unpack and put out my beloved Fitz and Floyd Christmas things, it’s time to pack them up again.  
And then, clean again.  

It took Scott and I one evening to get the Christmas tree together and trimmed.  
It took me three days to wrap the gifts that fit under the tree, in front of the fireplace, on the chairs and over the floor.  

It took my dogs two trips over one strategically placed package to flatten it.  
But, I’m not worried about what the box looked like, because it went to my Brother-in-law.  
“Out-law” might be more fitting.

It took us all of 33 seconds to unwrap the gifts and pile the lovely wrapping paper and bows across the room.  
It also took a 55-gallon plastic bag to pick up the mess.

Now that everything’s back in order, I guess it’s time to write the Christmas cards.

May all your days be filled with wrapped presents and a trash bag big enough to pile everything in it.   Please send my Christmas card to

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