Sunday, February 23, 2014

The Funny Book with the Ugly Cover

My favorite thing to do is to laugh.
I can laugh with family, in the theater, in the car or by myself.
Better still, it's free and tax free!

I have such a loud, deep laugh and sadly, least of all unladylike.
One friend said he liked to hear my "guffaw" and it made him want to laugh with me; he told me he loved my "belly laugh".

A "Guffaw" is a loud and boisterous laugh...
Guffaw, hmm, even the word sounds unladylike.

Laughing feels good, and I have to remind myself that it's also good for the body.
The movement of the lungs jiggles the body into moving good oxygen throughout, causes the body to spend some calories, stimulates the brain and even exercises the liver.

I know I can use some good oxygen, and for heaven's sake, let me burn some calories without doing push ups.
Even Mr. Hercule Poirot would not oppose the stimulation of "the little gray cells, and James Bond could have used more laughter to keep his "shaken, not stirred" liver into better health.

Laughter's residual effect spreads to the mouth, where the lips turn upward in the best accessory for the face; a smile.

The mystery man behind the book is my husband, Scott
I found that during the Book'em N.C. Writer's Conference and Book Fair on Saturday, I spread a little humor through my book, It Only Happens To Me... Can You Dial 9-1-1?  

I set up my table with my books, business cards and some rack cards that had on one side my writing information and on the other, "A Cat Story", a small humor story from my book.

As people walked by, I handed out the rack card saying, "Would you like to read a funny story?"
Most of the time, people took it and walked on.
Some people stood there, read it and laughed a little.
Then there were a few people who "needed" to laugh and found that my story fit their need.

Consequently, I was able to talk about my book.

"It's the funny book with the ugly cover," I said.
When these people saw the burning popcorn in the microwave cartoon, they smiled and could relate.
I even thought some people were astonished to find that a few of the short non-fiction short stories in the back had been been selected for awards.

Even humor can be elevated to literary.

One woman, who bought my book took it with her to lunch.
Later that afternoon, she came back to find me saying, "I've been reading your book and I'm almost half-way finished with it.  It's so funny.  I generally find funny books to send to friends and this will be my new one."

She had me pose with my book and she took my photo.

I guess my mission to spread humor was realized.
In the near future, I'll start working on my next book, It Only Happens To Me... Normal is So Overrated.
Hopefully, that cover won't be so ugly, but still funny.

May all your days be filled with laughter and smiles.  If you have a funny story to tell, please send it to me at  Who knows, it may wind up in the next book.

Keep laughing.

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