Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Summer memories

I can't help it, I love the summer and even though it may be 200 degrees in the shade, I love the thought of going barefoot, wearing shorts that are too short for my chubby legs and feeling the sunshine on my heavily sunscreen face.

I also have fond memories of the summer when I was much, much younger... If you indulge me, I'll tell you about it.

·         We lived about 20 minutes from the nearest beach.  We took trips to Topsail Beach every weekend and if we were very good, during the week.  
      There was only one pool we went to and it was always over crowded, but the ocean was always big enough for everyone.  

·        It didn’t matter if our bathing suit was full of sand, we wore them home like that and then put the water hose down our suit to flush out the sand and any sea creatures we brought home.

·         Flip-flops were the best shoes, you could buy them for about fifty cents, so we had several colors.  
      They could get wet, you could run in them or ride a bicycle with them, and they were the only shoes we could wear when we got sunburn on the tops of our feet.

·        Who needed a beach chair when a beach towel would do on the sand?  
      Who needed to sit on a beach towel when making sand castles and digging up fiddler crabs (mole crabs) took up our time? 
      Buckets, shovels, a float for the ocean and a cooler of food and drinks, were all we needed. 

·         Mom always wore the “loudest” DeWisse or Rose Marie Reed black bathing suit with bold red roses or poppies on the fabric.  She wore the biggest brimmed hat to match, red lipstick, painted nails and toes to match and we listened to WJNC am station on the transistor radio.

·        There were no SPF sunscreens, only the characteristic smell of Coppertone Lotion.  
      I found out that I was allergic to coco butter in some suntanning lotions- I broke out in dots all over.
      We also mads a concoction of baby oil and iodine...

·        Saltwater taffy was actually made at the beach and it was fascinating to see the large paddles pulling and stretching the the different colors and flavors.   
      You had to take home a box for later.  
      Now, the boxes of saltwater taffy come from New Jersey.

W  We didn’t have air conditioning in the car, so we would cool off only driving down the road.  

     A&W Root beer came in a paper megaphone and if we were lucky, we got a root beer float.  
     I consumed so much before being a teenager, that I can’t stand the smell of it today.

·         Kool-Aid was our favorite drink and watermelon was our favorite dessert.  I still love these. 

     Today, when I get a notion to get some sand between my toes, I only have a 15 minute ride to be there.  
     Boy, am I lucky.   

     I'd love to hear about your summer adventures.

     Email me me at or on Facebook.   

     Have a cool summer day.

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