Monday, November 3, 2014

Celebrity Bowling. Reality Shows Don't Look So Bad

Scott was doing a search online and bumped into a TV show from the 1970's. Celebrity Bowling popped up. Yes, Celebrity Bowling with current "hot" TV and Movie actors in front of a studio audience at a bowling alley. 

I'm so glad I had never seen it then, on TV.

Of all the least athletic and boring things that could be aired, this makes #1 on my list. If you'd like to watch what Scott made me watch, it's episode 47.

After seeing it, reality TV looks literary.

Michael Douglas had mega hair and was wearing a "pirate" shirt similar to the Seinfeld "puffy shirt." Elizabeth Ashley wore a tank top and had a "Lioness" hair style.  James Farentino had on cords and a silky shirt, and Brenda Vaccaro wore a short, "Love Boat," 70's hairstyle.

Do you even remember these actors? 

I had nightmare flashbacks to these fashion boo boos and hairstyles I had also tried. 

These stars looked embarrassed being there but as they started bowling, and despite their best efforts, they demonstrated a competitive spirit.

Based on the highest points, one of two audience members could receive Samsonite luggage, sans wheels, Farah men's slacks, or for the top winner, a Vega car. Sadly,the audience members didn't have a chance in hell for the Vega, with scores that dipped low in the double digits by both teams. Oops, gutter ball. 

It was ridiculous and you could tell it was a low budget production.

Now that Scott found Celebrity Bowling, I know he will look at more episodes. I think he's hooked... So sad.

May all your days lack Celebrity Bowling, but filled with reality TV.  I'd love to hear from you at

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