Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Christening the new oven

I guess it will take forever to learn how to use this stove. Every time I brush up against it the cooktop comes one. Thankfully I took advice and don't have anything on it. 

Today I'm baking a cake from scratch with my mother's 7 minute icing that takes 20 minutes to make, and fresh coconut for my sister's birthday. I only cut myself once cutting away the coconut from the husk and the inner husk. Cutting myself is a ritual, not wanted but always the case.
Scott volunteered to help me open up the coconuts last night- he used the screwdriver and hammer method while I just attacked it with a hammer and turned it in my hand. We saved the coconut water for the top of the cake before the coconut goes on. Joanne will put on some ceramic bunnies my mother made for Easter time and this cake should look like the one she would make for Joanne's birthday. I hope.

I turned on the oven for the first time and the house is full of smoke. Does this mean I broke it already? Will Joanne's scratch cake taste and smell like smoke? Will I have to resort to cooking another one using a box mix? Only time will tell.

And then, will Joanne appreciate that I spent an hour trying to find two coconuts from the Dominican Republic, 3 hours fixing the coconut, an hour making and baking the cake, 20 minutes for the icing and about another 30 minutes for the decorating? Then there is the big mess in the kitchen.

Back up plan, if nothing turns out, I'll go to Food Lion and buy one. If this happens, Scott will say, "Why didn't you do that in the first place?"

I never win.

May all your days be full of birthday cake. I'll let you see the final product if and when it comes together. I'd love to hear from you, email me at

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