Friday, April 24, 2015

Greek statues

If you ask me what my favorite thing it, I will quickly say, "I love to travel." I also love sharing travel stories with people who love to travel.

I was at a meeting the other night and spoke to my very senior friend, Mary. In the conversation, I told her that I was going to Greece next month. Mary spoke of it fondly and indicated that it was one of her very favorite places to go.

The last time she was there, she had persuaded her husband, Paul to go on a cruise to the big islands and then take a shore trip to Athens, Delphi and back. During all the visits to the museums, Mary took photographs of statues. She indicated that her favorite one was of a young charioteer from a museum in Delphi. At the end of her trip, someone approached her and said that she wasn’t supposed to use her flash when taking photos because it could damage the antiquities.

Mary just knew that she would get into trouble, so she offered to give the person her roll of film, not wanting to get caught with it. The woman said she would not take it, but asked Mary not to use her flash again. Mary agreed.

Mary and Paul developed the roll of film when they got home, and they sat down together to look at the photos. Paul was surprised at the photographs, then remarked, “You only photographed statues of naked men.”

Mary smiled.

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