Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Love is in the Air

I planned a valentine's day themed luncheon, "Love is in the Air" for the 3 water aerobics classes I attend. 

Yes, I'm waterlogged most days but between the water weights, noodle and fast moving, there's always lots to talk about and getting together for lunch about every other month is fun. An old Ziggy mug I used to own expresses my sentiments correctly saying, "Never call me for anything I can't eat."

When the ladies arrived, they were directed to choose a broken heart part and to match it to its partner on the table; that match indicated their seat- it got people together that normally wouldn't sit together. 

After orders were taken, I gathered two matching heart halves and proceeded to sing, "Don't go breakin' my heart." This was the segue into the next game. I asked "Who was your first love, and who was your first kiss with?"

I started by saying that my first love was with my mother's chicken salad. No laughs. However I followed with "Food has always been my love," and I guess they understood. 

Then I said my first kiss was with Evan Council at the roller rink when I was a 6th grader, and explained that he married one of my childhood friends and became a "roadie" for some heavy metal band. 

Boy was I glad that relationship didn't stick.

As I went around the tables the stories were touching and funny. Almost everyone remembered their first love and even their first kiss. A few women said their first kiss came from playing spin the bottle. Many ladies nodded and from their sparkling eyes, they remembered things...

I don't think I was ever that lucky.

Two of the older women indicated that their first love became their only love in marriage. One had been married over 50 years and the other over 60 years. Amazing true love.  

I copied some Hallmark party word searches, word scrambles and puzzles to do if there was some "silent" time. These went over better than I had imagined and was told that many of the women enjoyed doing puzzles- another surprise.

I asked the ladies to bring a photo of their "youthful" self. These were placed on top of  red heart doilies and I asked them to try to guess who was who? Most guessed correctly but a few stumped the group. There were lots of smiles and infectious laughter. 

What a great time at lunch, but it carried over to today's water aerobics' class. 

My friend, Joanne came up to me in the pool and lowered her voice. "I probably shouldn't tell you this but after the luncheon was over, I collected all the hearts left on the table."

"You did? That's okay."

She moved even closer and said, "Do you know what I did with them?"


"I spread all the hearts over my bed... and it worked."

Indeed, love was in the air.

May you always be surrounded with love in the air. 
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  1. Deep water or shallow? I do deep water. Can't handle the impact of shallow. We do lunch once a month, but it always falls on a day I have a conflict. I love the games idea, though.

    1. I have long legs so I'm in the deeper end of the shallow water, usually waist high. You're right, either it hurts in the really shallow water, or you're floating away. I love it though and the ladies are fun to be with- I get a lot of blog material there. Should I tell them?
      The lunches are a bonus. I love to talk and eat; the best combination. In fact, it's interesting to see the ladies with clothes on.

  2. I take a class in the deep section (10 feet). We have to wear life belts if we're not using the noodle. We used to be able to do it with the dumbbells instead of the belt, but the Y got nervous and changed their rules. It's an incredible workout.

    Yes, when I see the ladies in public, we say, "Oh, I didn't recognize you with your clothes on."