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Helen is dedicated to helping people through therapy that is evidence-based and client-centered. With Helen's guidance, compassion, and empathy, you will be able to work collaboratively to develop an individualized plan to help you meet your goals and live the best life possible.

Below are a list of services she specialises in. 

Mental Health

Family Law Support

Grief And Loss

Family Consultancy or Assesment


Family Therapy




Workplace Disputes

Helen is dedicated to providing comprehensive care for individuals struggling with Mental Health issues. Including; Anxiety and Depression, Personality Disorders and all other aspects of Mental Health. We understand that Mental Health issues can be difficult for both the person experiencing them as well as their family members, and we are here to provide the support you need.

Grief and loss counseling can help individuals and families cope with the emotional and psychological impacts of loss. Helen provides a compassionate and supportive space for clients to express their feelings and work through the grieving process.

Navigating relationships can be challenging, and at times, we all need a helping hand to elevate our connections to new heights of excitement and intimacy. Helen offers private sessions for individuals and couples, providing the support and guidance needed to foster optimal and fulfilling relationships. 

The Family Law System is extremely difficult to navigate and can be consuming.  Attending sessions for support and being able to debrief enables the best outcomes for the parent and their children whilst maintaining healthy Mental Health during the process.  This is the fundamental goal of support through the Family Law System.

These are guided and recommended by your solicitor. Family consultants conduct child and family assessments for the purpose of preparing a reports that have been ordered by the Court under specific sections of the Family Law Act. These reports are to assist the parties and the Court determine arrangements that will bring about the best outcomes for children.

Family therapy is working with one or all members of the family to address highlighted issues that the family or the individual would like to have some resolution on. Family therapy can help families improve communication, resolve conflicts, and strengthen their relationships. Helen works collaboratively with families to identify their strengths and challenges, and develop strategies to promote positive change.

Mediation can be done either for the workplace or for Family Court Parenting plans.​

When a dispute arises within the workplace, conducting Mediation sessions with the work colleagues may assist in maintaining integrity in the workplace environment and allow individuals to continue a healthy working relationship allowing both parties are able to continue working together.

Family Law Mediation, developing Parenting Plans or Financial Separation allows both parties to work through the Mediation process, developing respectable outcomes for both parties with the child as the integral and paramount view of the Mediation.

Attachment happens within all relationships.  It is how we attach ourselves to our children, our parents or our partners.  Attachment Therapy is about exploring the dynamics of your relationships, understanding how your attachment style affects the way you interact with others and learning how to create healthier attachments. This can help you build more secure, satisfying relationships with the important people in your life.

Supervision can help to professionally grow and develop to enhance our way of working. 

Helen helps patients explore the root causes of their disagreements, fostering open communication. With her professional expertise and proven strategies, Helen is committed to empowering her clients to find constructive solutions and build healthier, more productive relationships within their workplace.  

Family Reports

Our Family Reports service provides comprehensive assessments for family court to help establish what is in the best interest of the child and assist in parenting court orders. Helen will work to gain an understanding of the family dynamics and provide an objective evaluation to help inform court decisions.

Parenting Coordination

Parenting Coordination is a form of dispute resolution designed to help parents who have court orders but need assistance in implementing those orders. Helen helps parents reach agreements and find solutions to their parenting conflicts. 



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